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Ningbo wing precision machining Co., Ltd will be one of the leaders in the die casting markets and generate a return on capital commensurate with its leadership position by supplying high quality products and services that utilize state of the art technologies:

  • We strive to be a reliable and responsive supplier of cost effective and quality products to our Customers.

  • We strive to provide a motivating, safe and rewarding environment for our Employees.

  • We strive to be recognized as a professionally managed Engineered Services and Die Cast Facility.

  • We strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our Suppliers.

  • We strive to contribute to the improvement of our technical, business and public Communities.

Corporate Purposes

Create value for customers, provide a platform for employee development, and create profits for the company.

Corporate Vision

Create die-casting molds and die-casting parts suitable for different markets, and win the favor of customers in various markets around the world.

Enterprise Spirit

Continuous innovation! Continuous reform! Never give up!

Mould Manufacturing Production Line

Excellent Equipment- The Foundation of HighPrecision Mould Manutacturing

Specializing in allkinds of difficult die-casting mould manufacturing, design, research and development and post processing,Wing Mould gains the trust of customers by the high quality moulds and reasonable prices.

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